Rolling pins play an important part as far as cooking is concerned. You should note that rolling pins are not only meant for commercial kitchens. You can find them in nearly every kitchen, and they provide flexibility when it comes to baking. They are available in different sizes, types, and materials. Therefore, you might find it quite challenging to select the best rolling pins to suit your needs. Before you buy one, ensure you consider these things.

Type of Rolling Pins

Rolling pins can be divided into three: rod, roller, and textured. The roller type is the most common and has a simple design. Ideally, it is a solid cylinder with handles on sides. On the other hand, the rod type is similar to roller ones, but it does not have a handle or bearings. You will find them easy to use.

Rolling Pins Material

Other than the type, you need to select the right material. If you need a traditional one, you should go for wooden ones. On the other hand, if you need something modern, consider buying one made of glass, marble, and stainless steel. Also, you should consider buying a rolling pin made of non-stick material.

Diameter and Length

You ought to check the diameter and length of the rolling pin. You may come across various models that provide you with the flexibility to get the desired thickness of the dough. It is advisable to choose a rolling pin that comes with this particular feature.

Ease of Cleaning

Since wooden rolling pins cannot be cleaned with a dishwasher, then you should opt for other materials.


There is a need to check the design of the handle. For instance, if you are purchasing rod type, then you should get one with tapered ends. Otherwise, get one with an ergonomic handle.


There is a need to ensure that you choose rolling pins that suit your budget. Also, ensure that whatever you purchase has a lot of positive reviews to offer.

Type of Dough

You need to consider the type of dough when choosing the rolling pin. Remember that hard doughs are difficult to crack and need a rolling pin that is strong and heavy enough to press it down. For instance, a wooden pin is perfect for pastry dough, whereas the French pin is great for cookie dough. If you want a pin that can work on anything, consider getting rolling dowels.

Comfort to Use

Like anything else in your kitchen, you need to ensure that you are comfortable using your rolling pins for baking. That means the perfect pin ought to be easy to move. It should not be rigid or stiff. You will need to check its length to ensure you control it and deliver the roll. Remember to watch out for the design and material of the handle. In fact, the handle ought to have an ergonomic design that fits the hand and ensures you can roll and grip seamlessly. Also, the handle ought to be comfortable enough to roll it and hold it for long.


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