Personal hygiene, convenience, and budget-friendly make handheld bidets a must-have in every home. Although they may be the easiest and simplest to use, most homes are yet to install these appliances in their bathrooms.

You should note that bidets provide adequate comfort and hygiene. First, they are installed to reduce the use of toilet paper. Secondly, they were found to be a convenient and hygienic alternative. Some people had issues understanding how these bidets work, but once they use it a couple of times, they enjoy optimal hygiene.

You may be surprised to learn that using toilet paper is quite inconvenient and difficult as compared to the handheld bidet. However, since you were taught to use a toilet paper from a kid, you believe it is the best. If you learn and master how to use a bidet, you can forget buying a toilet paper. Moreover, it is convenient for persons with disabilities. 100B Handheld bidet sprayers are not only budget-friendly but also easier to use.

Pros of Handheld Bidet Sprayers

Hygiene associated with the use of toilets can help you achieve optimal health for quite long. Unfortunately, it is regarded to be a taboo to discuss toilet matters. These are some of the benefits of using bidet sprayers.

Better Hygiene

Since a toilet paper is dry, it is unable to clean urine or fecal residue. You should note that the toilet paper being unable to reach various areas. As a result, bacteria buildup can result in severe diseases and infections caused by poor personal hygiene. Fortunately, a bidet is designed to use water to get into inaccessible areas and eliminate all the residue.


Studies show that an average person can use more than 50 sheets of toilet paper each day. Remember that paper is obtained from trees. When you consider the entire population, it is evident that millions of trees must be felled down each year to manufacture toilet papers. Equally, you need a lot of water and oil to produce such amount of toilet paper. Is this even necessary? There is a need to rethink the options available to you. In addition, transportation and packaging resources are yet to be considered.

Less Plumbing Problems

Flushing hundreds of sheets of toilet paper each day can cause pollution, and it can clog drains. As a result, plumbing problems arise. With a bidet, you can avoid all this. Therefore, when you compare a handheld bidet spray with toilet papers, the former is the best option. That is because other than preventing pollution; it reduces costs associated with plumbing repairs.

Cleaning Your Toilet

It not only works for cleaning your butt but also cleaning the toilet and even the bathroom. It can even be used in the kitchen. Remember that this sprayer has other applications around the home.


When you calculate the cost, you will find that you will spend a lot of money on toilet papers every year. The truth is that a handheld bidet is cheaper, and it is a perfect choice for the beginner.


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