Full lace wig human hair and lace front lace wigs are the two of the most loved wigs for women who love trendy hair.  For beginners, it can be daunting to tell the primary difference between the two. They may not have enough product knowledge to tell which one is better between the two. If you would like to get the ultimate service you require from the wigs, you need to understand them better.  Find out as much information regarding them as possible in this article.

Understanding the hair background

Full lace human hair wigs come with an entire lace base. They are constructed from a lace cap, which covers your whole head, and where 100 percent human hair is knotted into various lace holes by hand to make the wig look exactly like real hair.

Basically, full lace human hair wigs are hand-made, making them breathable as well as light as compared to lace front wigs.  

Major pros and cons

  • Versatile

A full lace wig can easily be parted anywhere and then styled in different styles, such as mid-parting the whole hair from the beginning of the front line to the side-parting and then the high ponytail and buns too.

  • Light and breathable

Full-hand made wigs with full laces are light. So you should not really worry about it weighing heavy on your head. This means that your scalp can also breathe easily and as usual, thereby making it easy for your hair to grow healthy.

  • Giving a more natural look

A full lace wig comes with lace, as its name suggests. It covers the whole head, meaning that it can easily be worn as a ponytail. This gives you a more natural look in the long run.

The disadvantage of full lace human hair wig

Even so, there is one feature of this wig you may not like.

  • A full lace human hair wig is expensive than its counterpart.

 Lace front wigs

A lace front wig has a small lace attached to the hairline. There are human hair strands sewn into the holes of the lace using the hands.

They look exactly like the full lace wigs. However, the lace found on the front wigs covers a smaller area of the entire head.

In many cases, it is about 13*4 of the lace front wig. Wearing such gives you a natural look.

Pros of buying lace front human hair wigs

  • Easy to wear

Human hair lace wigs are comfortable to wear, especially when you are a beginner. Besides, they come with tutorials and manuals to use in this case.  

  • Affordable

Lace front human hair wigs are cheaper than the full lace wigs. This makes them affordable than their counterparts

  • Hair has a natural look

Women love lace front wigs because the hair gives them an ideal look, given the hairline it has at the front. Other than that, the wigs have a natural look with pre-plucked hair.

Final Thoughts  

If you happen to be a new wig wearer and are pretty worried about the complicated installation process involved in wearing your wig, a high-quality human hair wig will be a perfect fit for you. And now that you have read this blog post, you have in-depth knowledge regarding the differences between full lace wigs and the frontal wigs.

Happy shopping!


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