As your schedule becomes more jammed and packed in the day, having the option to invest in an automatic pet feeder becomes a major time saver. Plus, it feels good to know that your bestie has a full belly. That is why pet product manufacturers have recognized the need for pet timing feeders. Currently, there are multiple pet feeders on the market. Here is why you need an auto timing pet feeder.

The Preface

The fact is everyone loves to eat. Your cat is no exception. But the difference is that when humans can easily feed themselves and watch out for their calorie intake, cats cannot. That is one of the first reasons for investing in an auto cat feeder.

So, if you are one of those individuals who work full-time, there could be days when just refilling the bowl slips your mind. That is why you need to think of getting your kitty a feeder with a timer. 

Another advantage of having a pet feeder with a timer is that your kitty will get the food it needs every day. But the benefits go far beyond.

Besides making sure that the cat gets food at the required time, an automatic feeder with a timer comes with programmable functions that can be used to control the portion size.   

This is more beneficial for overweight kitties already as it helps them cut back while making sure that the cat remains healthy.

As with humans, an overfeeding cat can become obese. But many pet owners do not realize the dangers of obesity in their kitties. For a 12-pound cat, gaining just half a pound may be significant.

The more the weight your cat gains, the more strain is placed on the joints, leading to osteoarthritis. The heavier your pet is, the higher the risks for precarious medical conditions such as kidney disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Overweight cats also have a rather decreased life expectancy. If you want to enjoy much time with your cat, then you should make an effort to assist in maintaining that healthy diet. And a pet feeder with a timer does that magic.

But a cat feeder with a timer not only keeps your cat healthy. It also plays the role of dissociating you from their meals, something that most pet owners can relate within the long run. Although this may not be the case for every cat, some learn in good time to dissociate you with the food.

By switching the kitty to an automatic pet feeder with a timer, you can easily relieve yourself from the feeding equation. This will help ensure that the cat benefits from feeding regularly while sparing you the feeding stressors.  

Bottom Line

There you go. A programmable pet feeder dispenses food strictly at mealtime. Your kitty can enjoy meals when you are away. That’s the more reason you should get the device for your best friend at home.


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