If you are fond of crafts and arts, you might probably have heard of the art of diamond painting. It is highly likely that you might have seen an ad for the painting kits on the internet. However unless you take a look at a diamond painting yourself, you cannot tell the difference between a color panting and a diamond painting. You cannot gauge how much beautiful and spiritual a diamond painting looks. Diamond painting is amazing in the sense that you can create a diamond painting out of a custom photo. Turn your photo into a custom diamond painting by using DIY kits or by handing over your photos to professionals like the ones who are at icustompainting.com.

What is diamond painting?

The first thing that comes to the mind of a person who is a novice to the concept of diamond painting is that it will be a diamond-studded painting. However, it is just a figment of the imagination of a novice. There is no reality in it. The painting doesn’t contain any diamonds at all.

Diamond painting is not about using diamonds in the paint. Instead, the diamonds that are used to create the painting are made of resin. They are tiny and shiny, and very beautiful when you look at them. They sparkle when you throw light at them and they look amazing.

The fun in the creation of the painting

Despite that diamond painting looks amazing, it also is fun to create. You have to use an adhesive canvas and stick on to it little pieces of diamonds to fill in the painting. You can create the best painting if you use a bigger picture to stick the resin gemstones. The concept is quite similar to painting the canvas by numbers.

It is trending

Diamond painting is trending nowadays. It is fast turning into one of the highly popular crafts and art trends, and its popularity is not declining any time soon. The design and style of a diamond painting started in Asia, however, it spread fast to nooks and corners around the world. People are now talking about the beauty and the feel of diamond paintings in the house. It is an art that is easy to learn and easy to create. If you want others to create a masterpiece for you, you always can buy a painting from a professional creator.

What you need to create a diamond painting at in your home

Some key supplies are essential to creating a diamond painting in your home. The first of all is a canvas that has adhesive spread on it, the second most important is the setting tool, the third is a gum to pick up gems from the pot you have put them in, and the last is the gem themselves. You can use the piece of gum and the setting tool to pick the gems. The gems that you paste on the canvas must correspond to a particular section of your painting or the painting will not look right. The adhesive on the canvas is generally stronger than the sticky gum so it will easily pick up the gems and you will be able to create the painting easily and fast.


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