Not so long ago, the industry introduced the all-new LED Screen Displays to awaken your senses. A moving screen display is better compared to a still tarpaulin ad in most shops or establishments. Of course, we all want to experience most products and services through our eyes and ears. That’s how consumers are convinced to try out something new.

With the rising fame of LED Displays, the demand in recent years was skyrocketed high. Even ad companies had to adapt this major change and started introducing these LED screens to clients instead of only offering regular colored posters and tarpaulins.

But one of the most common dilemmas of business owners is whether to pick an indoor or outdoor LED display. Before we provide tips on which are the best choice to pick, let’s differentiate the two first.

What are indoor LED displays?

These are the type of advertisement screens that are often used inside the establishments. Although LED screens are manufactured waterproof ready, there are still LED providers who customized LED displays to fit for an indoor setting. The brightness, hue, quality are tailor-fit for the visual needs when indoors. The following LED screens to choose from are LED posters, Indoor LED displays, and Flexible LED screens. These LED products are designed to meet the indoor requirements and provide better visuals for the ads.

What are outdoor LED displays?

Most outdoor LED displays are customized for the roadside or street requirements. The designs for all outdoor LED products shall comply with road restrictions. It should withstand harsh weather conditions (so being waterproof is a must). The brightness is well adjusted for better viewing, either daytime or nighttime. Outdoor LED displays are much more flexible than the indoor ones since you can move them indoors whenever you need to. Whereas with the indoor displays, it’s best to keep them indoors to extend their excellent performance.

Often, outdoor LED displays are used for a limited time only, especially during company special offers. You can take advantage of outdoor rental LED displays for your needs. You may also opt to purchase your own Transparent LED display or outdoor LED screen.

Which is better?

That depends on what type of business you have. If you are operating a restaurant, it is nice to have an indoor LED screen that shows your yummy menu and the corresponding price. This will save you from making individual menus since the customers will automatically see what you offer the moment they come in.

Some spas and salons also maximize the use of outdoor LED screens. It helps its potential patrons to compare services and prices with other competitors. It can also make the deciding factor much easier for the customers and save your time as a company like providing leaflets on the streets.

Better yet, do a combination of both. Dreamway Tech, a reliable LED screen provider, offers competitive packages to cater to your needs. If you can do both and highlight all your products and services, you will never go wrong with it.


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