When running, you have to be as light as possible. However, this becomes increasingly difficult as we may not have any means of storing our gear and other essentials. The option of leaving your gear at home doesn’t even exist.

What do you do in situations like this? There are lots of ways to carry your gear when running and not feel overburdened. One of my favorites is the waterproof waist pack. The waist pack itself is very fashionable and handy, contains all the things you need- from your phone, car and house keys, wallet, credit/debit cards, etc.

If you’re running for longer periods, you may also need to carry water, some form of food, or even clothing. Two things determine what you carry on a running trip- the length of the trip and the type of running gear and its essentials.

Without further ado, let’s look at different ways to effectively carry your gear on a run and not leave anything behind.


Let’s dive in.

How to carry your gear when running

1. Waist pack:

As mentioned earlier, this is one of my favorites. Waist packs are very underrated because people don’t feel that they are stylish or fashionable enough. But the question here is- do you want something stylish or functional?

Waist packs are extremely functional. If you’re going on a brief run, they can contain your essentials like phone, keys, wallets, cards, etc. and you won’t feel the burden of carrying anything. If you go for waterproof waist packs, that’s added security because your pack can’t get damaged, even when dipped in water.

2. Arm pockets

Looking for something more stylish? Arm pockets are here for you.

They are strapped around your arm and can carry essentials like phone, keys, and cards. This is usually recommended if you want to listen to music as you jog or run.

It’s advised that you pair it with another carrier (any of the carriers that will be listed shortly)

3. Handheld water bottles

Now, you may be wondering, “how do I carry a handheld water bottle when running? Thought this article would give me ideas on how to run weight-free?”


First of all, handheld water bottles are very lightweight and compact. Its limited capacity makes it great for short distance runs. Most of these water bottles have a strap system that includes a zippered pocket. The strap not only helps to secure the bottle on your hand but also helps to ease the hand from carrying the bottle all through.

Furthermore, the best solution that can be given to runners who feel unbalanced when running with water is to run with two filled water bottles and carry them on both hands. You not only regain balance but also have more water at your disposal. Win-win for everybody.

4. Race belts

These are very low-quality storage solutions but can come in handy at appointed times. They can accommodate a phone, credit cards, some cash, ID, house key, etc. Perfect for an early morning walk or jog.


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