Cable Ties

A cable tie, also recognized as hose tie are one of the most useful things for household purposes. There are usually two types of Cable ties out there, such as onetime use and reusable cable ties. There are hundreds of ways where you need to tie something. Cable tie is one of the most used in household or outside electric purposes. Let’s discuss the uses of cable ties and how to use it.

How to Use Cable Ties: Step by Step Guideline

Here in this post, we will discuss about nylon cable ties. Using a nylon made cable tie is a bit tricky. To learn Ty-rap or tying nylon cable ties, read this post carefully. By the ending of this post, you should learn how to do it accordingly. Here is the step by step procedure of how to use cable ties:

Step 01 –  At first, you need to find the locking mechanism of the cable tie you want to use.

Step 02 -After that, you need to bend the loose back end of the tie.

Step 03 -Now, you need to depress the bar properly.

Step 04 -Now, through the cube, pull the loose end back.

Step 05 –For reusing the cable tie, do not trim it while using.

Cable Ties

Most Popular Way to Use Cable Ties

Usually, a traditional nylon made cable tie used in different kinds of tying purposes like tying bundles of cables, including various electrical products. In some cases, people use cable ties for tying wires with something for holding it. If you want to hitch something with the frame of your cycle, you can do that the cable tie. You can use cable ties during fencing in your lawn.

Here is a list of the most popular uses of cable ties

1. Yes, cable ties are meant to be used for tying bundles of electric cable or any other wires.

2. When a seed starts growing in your garden, you need to buckle them up to restrain them from falling. You can do that easily by cable ties because its perfect for doing that.

3. If you have a small child, then you can use a cable tie for tying breakable things so that the child cannot break anything valuable.

4. If you want to add an extra grip on your bike, then you can use a cable tie for tying them with the cycle so that you can cycling on ice or snow.

5. You can use cable ties as sink unclogger, but you must use a flexible and long cable tie for poking down the plug. This way, you would be able to avoid nasty chemicals while unblocking it.

Cable Ties


We are at the end of the discussion of how to use cable ties, but we hope that you will learn so fast if you try to understand the steps mentioned above. It is essential to know because whenever you may got into a situation when you need to use a cable tie.

Besides this, during household work, you must know how to use a cable tie. If you are an electrician works with cables, then you must know how to use a cable tie because during your work you will need to use it several times.


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