Experts have always given insight on the pros as well as the cons of installing marbles and porcelain in a home. They have also explained how important it is to understand the difference before you decide the ideal one for you. So, the main battle between natural marble tile as well as porcelain tiles is huge for many homeowners. That is why they are often at a loss regarding the best option.

Choosing Marble For Your Flooring Projects

Marble, usually quarried in different mountainous regions, has been a prominent building material for decades. It has been prized for its beautiful nature, coupled with its elegance. The material is also known for gracing different palaces that belonged to kings as well as queens for decades.

This implies that marbles were used to upscale, luxurious areas in the interior décor. However, as a flooring material, it needs more maintenance since it is more susceptible to being damaged as compared to ceramic tiles and other different forms of stone. 

The Origin Of Marble

Marble is a prominent natural stone. It is often harvested and then cut into different slabs for residential as well as commercial building applications, such as countertops and wall tiles. Marbles are metamorphic rocks that form when the sedimentary stone, which is known as limestone, is vividly transformed under pressure, into a hard stone that has a beautiful color coupled with veined patterns.

Typically, marble can be confused with granite. But granite is known as an igneous rock which is derived from magma, and not sedimentary rock. On the other hand, granite has a pebble-like color and pattern, which is veined in design.

The Cost Of Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is an architectural element. It is priced according to its worth. Generally, it falls on the higher end of natural stone. Typically, marble flooring does not really last as long as granite or other materials such as natural stone. When it comes to price, these materials are readily available and affordable.

Most marbles retail at $30 per square foot. There are a few specialty marbles that are pretty much pricey. They can cost up to $50 per square foot. Ceramic tile costs half the total general cost of marble. Even so, the installation cost of this material is somewhat comparable. That is why the National Statistics Department shows that the actual professional price for labor is $7 per foot. The installation typically costs more jobs that need complex layouts coupled with cutting.

Marble Vs. Porcelain

The same features found in marble flooring tiles can be found in porcelain. Although the veining of the marble makes for a unique floor, a similar look may be achieved using modern porcelain tiles. These can often be manufactured to mimic a variety of materials.


So is marble flooring good enough for you? There is no other flooring material that conveys elegance better than this material. Marble is known to be a temperamental stone. It needs considerable care, especially when it comes to installation. It can also be costly to repair.


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