Fulfillment Service

The e-Commerce industry is now bigger than ever, thanks to the improvement of the cloud processes and systems. Although big retailers such as Amazon and Walmart has the biggest operations, there are smaller and lesser-known businesses that might need to use an order fulfillment service. If you’re in the e-Commerce space, here are some benefits you can take by opting for third-party logistics services.

1. Cheaper Alternative than Making a New Delivery Department

When you’re an online seller or have a business in the e-Commerce industry, you know that dealing with shipping fees can become a pain in the neck. You don’t have any assurance that your items will be delivered on time, but you still have to pay for the shipping fee. Hiring drivers and buying your transportation equipment is not also practical. For growing e-Commerce businesses, hiring a third-party logistics partner might be your best bet.

2. Software and Hardware Is Usually Included In the Package

Warehousing and inventory is also an easier task for e-Commerce businesses if they have third-party logistics partners. Most of the time, these partners have their inventory and warehousing software that can be integrated into your business model. And the warehousing expenses will not balloon up, as third party order fulfilling services will only charge you for the order delivered to the end customer properly.

Fulfillment Service

3. Offer Subscription Services To Customers

Maybe you have products that can be packaged into a subscription box fulfillment service. Through the help of an order fulfillment company, all you have to do is to rack up the subscriptions. Your logistics partner will handle the delivery. Subscription services such as Scheduled Subscription Boxes are a great source of fixed income for a company. It will also give the customer a chance to set up their scheduling (whether they want to receive their boxes weekly, monthly, or quarterly). 

4. Focus More on Growing Your Business

Did you know that one-day delivery in China and the US is possible because of third-party logistics partners? Products are packaged properly before leaving the warehouse. Efforts are made to make sure that the package will be safe from the warehouse until it’s in the buyer’s hands. Because of this, business owners can focus on getting more customers and revamp their advertising efforts. Besides, if the buyers receive their items are delivered on time, you can get more sales from returning customers who enjoyed your products and shipping experience.

5. Reach More Customers

Order fulfillment services have warehouses spanning to states and even countries for international shipping. This reduces operating expenses, the shipping time, and adds more reach for your products. And because warehouses are scattered everywhere, the shipping will likely take the shortest route from the warehouse to your customers. You need to supply the products, and your logistics partner will do the rest of the job to ensure timely delivery.


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