CBD Vape

Are you a CBD vaping enthusiast? Do you ever feel guilty whenever you need to toss out your disposable vaping pen? Maybe it’s time to make a change. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, then you’re probably new to vaping. As such, there are a lot of things that you need to familiarize yourself with.

There are two types of vape pens available in the market- refillable and disposable CBD vaping pens. To find the vaping pen that best fits your needs and preferences, here’s all you need to know. You can always spend a hundred dollars or save it, but all in all, you’ll be enjoying the CBD vape pen experience.

The Biggest Choice to Make Among Vape Pens

CBD vaping pens are super popular, and there’s a good reason why. They are affordable, readily available, and come in as many flavors and varieties as hemp, where they are extracted. When you are out shopping for your first vape pen, there are a lot of options to choose from. The choice of vape pens comes down to disposable or reusable. Either way, here are facts to help you make an educated purchase with the best insights about both types of vape pens.

First off, disposable vape pens are great options because they will typically cost significantly less compared to their counterparts. Besides, they don’t require the vaper to charge the pen before use.

CBD Vape

However, they are also generally wasteful and non-eco-friendly. Also, to get the same effect as on reusable vape pens, you might need to increase your usage. In the long run, using a disposable vape pen becomes expensive, since the cartridge cannot be changed.

On the contrary, refillable vape pens give you a powerful hit and a better experience even when you don’t use it frequently. Besides, refillable vape pens also have an interchangeable cartridge, which means that they are better for the environment. In the long run, refillable vape pens tend to be more affordable to the vaper.

However, reusable vape pens have rechargeable batteries, which means that you need to charge before use. In any case, reusable options cost more upfront compared to disposable vape pens.

Why are Refillable vape pens Sustainable?

Refillable CBD vape pens are more sustainable to the environment, your finances, and for manufacturing purposes. Moreover, almost all the cons of using refillable vape pens can be refitted in part because of innovation. For instance, most refillable vape pens have long-lasting batteries that don’t require charge every few days.

While refillable vape pens cost more upfront, they offer incredible value for a vape pen that will last. In any case, the savings that come from re-buying disposable models will be enough to buy reusable vape pens around three times over.

Final Thoughts

There are reasons why you might prefer one vape pen to the other, but ultimately there’s a clear winner in this race- reusable vaporizers. The pros of using a reusable vaporizer strongly outweigh the disadvantages, which make it a clear choice.


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