Professionals make the mistake. If they can anyone else can make the same mistake. The common mistake of using power washing and pressure washing interchangeably.

With certain parts like the power washer hose reel and pressure washer hose reel being very similar and doing the same job on both machines the misconception can is understandable.

Are they the same? What are the differences? It is so confusing that it gets a lot of people fooled about the differences and similarities.

What Is The Function Of A Power Washer?

A power washer is an equipment that uses high-pressure steam to blast dirt and unwanted materials from surfaces, usually outdoor.

Just for clarity, steam is formed when water is heated to 100° Celsius and evaporates. That explains why you should not use the power washer on your skin. The fluid that comes out of it is hot and dangerous.

When this hot fluid combines with high pressure between 2500psi to 3000psi, it forces dirt and other materials that are stuck to move. That Is why it cleans so easily.

Power washing does the outdoor cleaning job exceptionally well. Wiping out all gummy dirt from the driveways, garage floors, any concrete floor, or any surface at all.

Power washers’ hot blast of steam and pressure is also used to remove some moss and weed and even stop them from growing back.

The power washer is said to be the heavy-duty option. This because it is most ideal for situations involving any surface that is saturated with dirt.

What Is The Function Of A Pressure Washer?

This is a more friendly approach to dirt removal when you compare both of the washers. You or someone you know has probably used a pressure washer before.

The pressure washer uses a similar high-pressure blast just like the power washer to wash off dirt and particles that are stuck to different surfaces.

However, the pressure washer does not make use of heat in its washing process. Even though the pressure washer uses a similar pressure, it does not wash as well as the power washer.

The is a result of the lack of heat. This makes its cleaning not as efficient against weed, moss, and other stuck objects like that of the power washer.

Which Of These Washers Is Most Suitable For Your Home?

The cat is out of the bag!!!

Now you might wonder which washer is most suitable for home use. This sorely depends on the types of cleaning that needs to be carried out.

If you want to do a regular household job, feel free to use the pressure washer. It is milder on surfaces, which means it is most likely to cause any serious injuries if something goes wrong.

But if you want to work on bigger spaces such as a commercial space, or a more saturated surface, the power washer is the way to go.

The steam softens the dirt and makes it easier to fall off. So, it is faster to power wash a larger space. Note that it is better to focus the power washer on concrete as it is not so mild on surfaces.


 The clear but confusing difference between the power washer and pressure washer is now out. Understanding where they can be used is important to not ruin the surface you intend to clean.


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