WikiBit is a third-party service platform that allows you to check the formality, authenticity, and compliance of specific blockchain trading platforms. It offers several types of services to help you get all the information you need on a particular blockchain trading platform. This information enables you to make an informed decision and steer clear of inauthentic trading platforms. You can gain access to all this information through the official WikiBit website or the WikiBit App. In this excerpt, we will be looking at a guide for using the WikiBit app.

How to use the WikiBit App

Using the app is not challenging. This means that it does not need any technical know-how. Below is a guide on how to use the WikiBit App;

Step 1: Download the app

The first step is to download the WikiBit app. Doing this is effortless because you can download the app from various platforms. Currently, it is available in the App Store, Google Play Store, and the Android download platform. This also means that you can use the app on various devices like Android and Apple smartphones. The only limit is that you cannot use it on your computer. All you must do is visit any of the platforms mentioned above, search for the WikiBit app, and then click download.

Step 2: Log in or create an account

The next step, after downloading the app, is logging in. The process starts by clicking the login icon. Doing this will open a page where you will be asked to enter some information. The first step will require you to choose your location then enter your mobile phone number.

The aim of providing your phone number is to get a verification code. You must enter the verification code to proceed to the next step. You can also choose to log in through your Facebook account. The platform also allows you to log in with ID or the QR code provided at the top of the page.

Step 3: Start using

After filling in all the mandatory data and logged onto the platform, you can now start using the platform. Using the app is quite simple. The app grants you access to a search tool. Using the tool, you can type in the title or name of any bitcoin trading platform and click search. Doing this will provide you with a wide range of information like the licenses, regulation details, risk exposure, and platform data. You will also get a page with all recent news on the platform.


WikiBit provides safe and reliable digital asset information services. For this reason, the platform features more than 10000000 users. It also operates in more than 170 countries and regions. It is also worth mentioning that the company was established by a Chinese company based in Shanghai. Regardless, the company has gained millions of users from China and beyond, making it one of the world’s most used third-party service inquiry platforms. The WikiBit platform uses complex technologies to provide its wide range of services.


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