Lovers of anime definitely enjoy cosplay. Cosplay is definitely becoming a popular game. With the aid of cosplay, many people have been able to connect better with their anime characters. This is not just in one country. Several countries are also in on the fun.

If you are also interested in playing cosplay, then you should certainly know the rules of playing cosplay. This is especially important if you intend to play it in public. This article will help with everything you need to know about cosplay.

Rules on playing Cosplay

1. Space

If you are going to be playing the game, you must pay attention to the public space. Make sure that your game is not causing any form of nuisance or traffic. This can have several implications. The first is that the game will constantly be interrupted by moving traffic.

2. Be on your best behavior

Playing cosplay means carrying the burden of representing the anime you choose. That’s a whole fandom right there in your hands. So, make sure that you are on your best behavior. Try to avoid saying things that might sound scary or offensive to others. You should always remember that one mistake can destroy your chances when playing cosplay.

3. Be considerate

When playing cosplay in public, you will likely have some passersby. So, make sure that you take them into consideration. Try not to do anything that might seem off. In some situations, you might some children pass by. Be considerate by not wearing overly scary cosplay costumes. This will definitely leave some children frightened or even make them scarred.

4. Be gracious

If you intend to play cosplay in public, you are definitely going to draw the attention of many people. These ones will want to know if you are in a play or this is all for fun. While this might be a tad annoying, try not to overreact. Try to make sure that you handle the situation graciously. Who knows? This might make your anime choice even more popular.

So, play nice.

Getting the right cosplay costumes

The last thing you have to worry about is getting the right costumes for your cosplay. Generally, the right costume will depend on you and the anime that you have chosen to present. If you are at a loss on how to get really nice cosplay costumes, you can definitely visit online stores. These stores will give you a lot of options. Plus, you might be able to get a costume at a much cheaper price.

In the end, it’s definitely a win for you!


Cosplay is definitely fun. It can bring smiles to faces and everyone surely has a good time when playing cosplay. However, following certain rules will make things even better. It will also ensure that everyone is happy at the end. Also, don’t forget to get the best cosplay costumes online. Once you have checked off these boxes, you can sit back and truly enjoy the game that is cosplay.


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