Server Power Distribution Unit

Server power distribution unit is a device that controls and distributes electrical power. It’s an ideal device that supports the server, router, and other electric equipment that require electric current. The primary advantage of PDU is that you can access it remotely or monitor it.

However, if you want to achieve optimal performance, ensure you get Suntec power distribution unit that either has a switch, surge protector or none of these features. Here are factors to consider when buying a server power distribution unit.

  • Power Output Capacity

The type of server power distribution unit you buy depends on the number of IT equipment that will use it. For example, the server requires a different voltage to work from what a network router will require. Therefore, when buying PDU rack consider the number of the outlet it has and whether it can provide multiple voltages.

However, avoid purchasing a PDU that has much output than you require but ensure it has a few extra to provide a room for growth. Additionally, compare the shape of your devices’ plug to a model of the switched PDU. It is essential to note that the plug shape is dependent on the number of voltage or AMP.

Server Power Distribution Unit
  • Ability to Control Redundant Powered Devices

Have you ever worked with a computer and you had to reboot it severally for it to work efficiently? Servers too need rebooting, and you can do so from wherever you’re as long as you have the right server power distribution unit. If you’ve several devices that use redundant power connected to a PDU, you can command it to power off and then on as you wish.

  • Rack or Wall Mounting

Power distribution unit rack mount is placed in the existing server rack reducing the wiring distance. However, if you don’t have enough space inside the existing rack, consider buying a long and narrow power strip that you fit on the side of the server rack. Ideally, you can find the wall-mounted PDU.

  • Ac or Dc Powered Devices

When buying a power distribution unit for a server rack, you need to consider the type of power your devices requires. Some IT equipment requires direct current while others AC. Therefore, choose a PDU that fits the power voltage your appliances use. For example, if your server, a router uses direct current choose a DC power distribution unit.

  • Alarm Monitoring Option

A server power distribution unit with a switch is an ideal device if you need to monitor the function and the environment of the server. For example, you can watch the current draw to each of the devices and their temperatures.

In fact, if a device stops working, you can use an integrated web interface to switch on and off the machine, and it will start working. Additionally, you can monitor the amount of power each of your devices is consuming.

Server Power Distribution Unit

Take Away It’s unlikely that your server room has multiple power output sockets. Therefore, you need a server power distribution unit. Luckily, you can use one PDU to supply and control electricity to your server and other IT devices. Therefore, consider the above tips when selecting an ideal PDU and ensure you identify the power distribution unit components. This will enable you to choose the right one depending on your requirements.


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