Renovating a bathroom, even a small one, has a lot of challenges. There is so much to consider, both from the practical and the aesthetic side. To make things easier for you, we have assembled a list of 10 design ideas for small bathroom renovation.


Not everyone can afford a big bathroom, in which case every inch of space matters. If space is an issue with your bathroom as well, you might consider using a corner sink. A corner sink is one of the most space-saving options for any bathroom. The biggest challenge is the installation process. But once you got it installed, then you will open a lot of space for other bathroom elements.


Using a glass shower on sliding tracks or a shower curtain is the next best space-saving option. Standard shower doors that pivot requires way too much space, which is quite inconvenient for small bathrooms.


In small bathrooms, it is recommended to have vanities with round corners. The thing is, vanities with sharp corners can be dangerous. If you want to avoid bruised hips, stick with vanities featuring round corners.


Extending the counter over the toilet can be surprisingly effective. It might not seem like a big deal, but in a small bathroom, it will feel like a really big thing. Same as the other previous recommendations, it is a proven method that works like a charm. 


Feel free to use large-scale patterns. Wide stripes, large squares, and other such large patterns will make space appear larger than it is. This little trick won’t save any space, but it will give the illusion of a bigger bathroom than actually, it is. Bathroom designers apply this trick whenever they need to deal with a small bathroom. 


Place a massive mirror on the wall. A mirror occupying the entire wall on the opposing side of the vanity is an excellent addition to a small bathroom. That can help two people use it simultaneously.


When space is an issue, mounting the towel on the back of the entry door or the shower door is recommended. That way, the towels are easy to reach.


Installing a through sink can free up floor storage space. It is one of those little tricks commonly used by bathroom designers. 


A vanity featuring open shelves is a common site with many small bathrooms. That way, there are no swinging doors that get in your way.


A wall-mounted faucet can help free up space in any small bathroom by allowing a smaller vanity. 

In Conclusion

If you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be both stylish and practical. Everything is possible, and each of our ideas is easily applicable. Besides, if you need further inspiration, check out the Myhomeware Australia. They have all the products and accessories mentioned in our mini-guide.


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