Here’s wonderful news for you my gaming fans. The moment you all are waiting for has finally arrived. This is referring to the FIFA Ultimate Team player ratings. Many FIFA fans have spent months and years trying to predict who would receive new ratings and who would receive upgrades and who would lose some. Some have tried to buy FIFA coins in expectation.

Predictions and more predictions have been correct in some players and wrong in some other players. With FIFA 21 comes the usual surprises and even joy that FIFA always brings year after year.

Top Five Players to use in FUT

1. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is still rated the best with 93 points. Messi is regarded as the best player of all time by most of his football colleagues. It is no surprise that he has the highest ratings.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

His greatest rival is a close second. This is remarkable considering that he is now at the age of 36. As he continues to defy age, his records become even more stunning.

3. Robert Lewandowski

With the new ratings, Robert Lewandoski becomes the best player in the fast-paced German league which no doubt clearly shows how evident his quality is. Marc- Andre ter Stergen is the best German player once again as a follow-up to the same feat in 2020. His rating is 90 points, one more than the commanding presence of Manuel Neuer of Bayern Munich with 89 points

But as for Robert Lewandoski following such an amazing personal campaign for Bayer Munich in the 2019/ 2020 campaign finally gets higher ratings up to 91 points

4. Kevin De Bruyne

Talking about surprises, Kevin De Bruyne who is arguably the best attacking midfielder in the world didn’t rise to the heights we all expected.

Well, he made it as the 4th best player overall In FIFA ultimate Player 2021.

5. Neymar

One thing that is for sure is the love many FIFA fans have for Neymar. Many may have thought that due to a mixed season he may suffer poor ratings. But a player of such quality with a winning mentality shown in his 2019/2020 season is enough to still land him 91 points overall. His performance in the champions’ league was enough to tell you how sharp a player he still is.

With Neymar’s own ratings, we have a complete list of the top 5 players in FIFA 2021.

Here is a list of the top 5 players in FIFA ultimate team

  • Lionel Messi with a 93 points rating ( FC Barcelona)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo with a 92 points rating ( Juventus)
  • Robert Lewandoski with a 91 points rating (FC Bayern)
  • Kevin De Bruyne with a 91 points rating ( Manchester City)
  • Neymar Da Silva with a 91 points rating ( Paris Saint Germain)


So FIFA fans with this list, you know the players to look out whenever you want to enjoy the Ultimate Player experience. These players are the very best to choose from in the game and you know this deep down in your hearts. Pick up your pads and let the games begin.


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