Apple’s iPhones are a truly remarkable brand of smartphones that will blow your mind with the sheer range of functionalities and capabilities the devices have to offer. The prices of the newer models are higher compared to the older models like the iPhone 8. However, you can still acquire a fully functional and attractively packaged iPhone 8 at relatively reasonable prices. iPhone 8’s price in Nigeria stands at roughly 110,000 Naira.

For the more technically minded among us, it is good to know which tools and techniques attackers and hackers can use to bypass the security mechanisms on your iPhone. It is not as easy to find tools for malicious purposes for the Apple platform as it is for the Android platform. In this write-up, we shall take a look at the most popular iPhone hacking tools. 

  • Cydia

Cydia is to Apple what F-Droid is to Android. It is an alternative app store for Apple device users. It carries many apps that are not featured in the regular App Store. Many of these apps are rejected or even outright banned on the App Store because the app developers do not adhere to Apple’s strict terms of use. For jail-broken Apple phones, much like rooted Android devices, it is easy to install Cydia. Cydia is a repository from which you can install many hacking and reverse engineering tools.

  • iKeyMonitor Keylogger

This is a uniquely crafted hacking tool that works by detecting and recording every keystroke entered into your Apple device’s keyboard. The app can be secretly loaded into a target device. Using iKeyMonitor Keylogger, an attacker can gain access to your website accounts, including social media, online banking portals, and learning portals, since they will possess your passwords.

  • Myriam iOS Security App

This is a tool crafted by GeoSn0w, a security researcher with an open-sourced GitHub repository. It is explicitly made for beginner hackers. It purposely contains vulnerabilities that can be used to experiment, discover, and take advantage of (exploit) Apple devices. The app features App Activation Bypass, Jailbreak detection, and In-App Data Modification.

  • IRET

The Ios Reverse Engineering Toolkit is used for static code analysis. The target device needs to be running Python (a programming language and platform). Veracode created the tool. An attacker can leverage this tool to read phone logs, analyze key-chains, and read databases written in SQLite.  IRET is mostly used in the critical security analysis of Apple devices.

  • iWeb Pro

This a uniquely devised hacking app used to bypass network-related authentication requirements, including passwords and patterns in less than 30 minutes. The app is not as easy to use as the others listed here, but it is much more powerful. Regular iPhone users who are tech-savvy can use it to check if their routers contain any vulnerabilities. The app is routinely used to hack Wi-Fi passwords.


iPhones can be remotely hacked without a user’s knowledge by employing hacking tools. In a world in which threats and vulnerabilities are constantly evolving, users can keep themselves updated about the names of some of the tools used to hack their devices.


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