Pressure washer hose reels are important without debate. The value they bring to your pressure washer is not even in doubt. While this is true, it doesn’t mean the story is perfect.

With a pressure washer, hose reel come other problems. One of them is the price of the hose reel. Can you actually afford to buy one?

The truth is that the cost of a pressure washer hose reel is always going to vary. This is because there are so many factors at play. This article will seek to provide you with some factors that play a role in determining the cost of a hose reel.

What determines the price of a hose reel?

1. The type of hose reel

The first determinant will be the price of the hose reel. While the pressure washer is mostly one main type, the hose reels come in various sizes.

This means that you can get various features depending on the one you get.

Generally, the more complex and beautiful the hose reel is, the more likely you are going to have to pay more to get it. Some of the hose reels that cost the most are mounted. This is because mounted hose reels generally blend in with the hose. You also have the option of choosing from a wide variety of colors.

So, if this appeals to you, you should be ready to pay more than the usual price.

2. Manual or Automatic

This can either take the price really low or take it to a new level. Manual and automatic are very important criterion when buying a hose reel.

If you choose the manual option, the price is going to go down. However, it will result in you spending more time and effort trying to get your hose reel to do the job for you.

On the other hand, the automatic hose reel makes things so much easier for you. There are a lot of features available. However, the downside is that it’s going to be more expensive than the manual type.

It all depends on your budget and your preference

3. Retractable or not?

Another thing that is bound to affect the prices of the hose reel is the retractable function or not. If your hose reel is retractable, this means that it can easily be slid back into position after the task is done. If it’s done, you will have to coil and recoil your hose over the hose reel.

It is only normal then, that the prices are higher if you are going for a retractable hose reel. If it just doesn’t fit into your budget, then you should probably just go for a normal hose.

Bottom Line

So here’s the bottom line. Prices are going to be influenced by the type of hose reels you decide to go for. So, make sure you choose one that you can handle completely. Not making the right choice might leave you feeling stretched. Worse, if it does not fit into what you wanted, it’ll be a disaster.


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