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Several years to come, when we look back at this time and the impact of the Corona Virus on the society, one thing that everyone will remember first is the era of face masks.  Different states all over the world have made it a regulation that demands the general population to wear surgical face masks. The role of the masks in this time of the Corona Virus pandemic is to prevent transmission of the virus from one person to another. Despite the constant pleas from medical practitioners and organizations like WHO, among others, so many people are still wearing the wrong kind of face masks mostly because of ignorance. The medical society highly recommends disposable surgical face masks.

What is Disposable Surgical Face Masks?

Surgical face masks are tools that are used to prevent the spread of illnesses and germs. Before the coronavirus pandemic, face masks were primarily used by health care workers in situations like during surgeries. They are also commonly used in dental offices and isolation areas. However, the new Corona Virus has led to the generalization of the use of surgical face masks.

A disposable surgical face mask is, therefore, similar to a normal face mask with the exception that it is only used once and disposed of afterward. Like regular face masks, these masks are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

How to Put on a Disposable Surgical Face Mask

The following step will help guide you on how to wear a face mask;

  • Firstly, make sure that your hands are clean before you touch the mask. Do not risk contaminating the mask before you get to make use of it.
  • With clean or sanitized hands, remove the mask from the box. While doing so, make sure not to tear holes on the mask.
  • When the mask is out of the box, inspect it for structural issues. Also, determine which side of the mask is the top and which one is the bottom. You can use the structure of the bendable parts on the sides of the mask.
  • From here, proceed to follow the instructions provided in the box. Different instructions are depending on the type of face mask you buy. Mold the edges of the mask that are stiff so that it takes the shape of your nose and proceed to put the mask on.
  • Make sure that the surgical face mask cover your nose, mouth, and chin.

When to Dispose of the Face Mask?

Disposable surgical face masks are worn only once. However, they also have to be disposed of when they become moist. You cannot wear a single disposable mask for an entire day. The masks tend to attract dirt and dust, which can cause respiratory issues. Therefore, you may also need to change the mask if it gets dirty.


Huana disposable surgical masks are designed with the directives of WHO in mind. These masks are specifically designed for protection against viruses. The company works tirelessly to make sure that the supply of reliable face masks does not run out, especially in these hard times.


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