Korean cushion foundation products are making a storm in the cosmetics industry. A lot of ladies could not get enough of it and have been using it as the only product for their base makeup.

But what is a cushion foundation, and what makes it different from other forms of foundation?

Different forms of foundation

First, let’s do a brief summary of the different types of foundation that you can find in the cosmetic aisle of your store:

  • Liquid foundation – this is the classic base makeup. It has the most choice when it comes to color shades and finishes. You can blend them easily, too, but there is the risk of spillage and leakage.
  • Foundation stick – This is great for contouring and is best for women with dark skin tones who want a brighter glow. However, application and blending could be difficult because of its solid and hard form.
  • Loose powder foundation – this is the best for those who have oily skin, and you need to apply it with a brush. The whole process can be messy.
  • Compact powder foundation – Compact powder foundation is easy to use and gives a shine-free finish. But once you drop them, the cake drops and breaks too. That is a waste of product.
  • Airbrush foundation – This is the choice for a base makeup that will not budge even on a hot summer day. However, they can be very expensive and definitely not a good option when you are on the go.

What makes cushion foundation stand out?

The cushion foundation stands out among all the different forms of foundation is its outstanding results and easy application. It is so easy to apply that it is recommended for makeup beginners. You do not have to worry about blending and balancing everything out.

It offers the finish of liquid foundation but with a more straightforward method to touch up while you are on the go. It is as portable as a compact press powder. Instead of getting a cake of powder, you get a cushion that you have to lightly press to release the foundation. It comes with an applicator sponge or puff that you can use to dab and blend the foundation on your face.

The cushion just gives you the right amount of foundation to dab on your face. The amount is small and light enough that you are free to layer it for more coverage without making it look like you put on too much.

The cushion foundation usually offers light coverage, but given their popularity, there are now brands coming out that offer more shades, finishes, and fuller coverage.

In Korea, the cushion foundation is a mixture of makeup and skincare. It not only acts as a base makeup, but it also improves your skin’s look and feel. The formula used on these products is specially formulated to accommodate other skincare benefits such as anti-aging, sunscreen, and hydration.

Last thoughts

When it comes to base makeup, why work with a whole plethora of products when you can get everything you need in one compact cushion makeup case?


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