OSRS gold

OSRS gold is essential to many individuals who like plying. However, some of them are conned or scammed when they try to buy OSRS gold. As a way of avoiding such loses, you should consider purchasing your gold from 4RSGold. Also, consider practice safety measures discussed in this article.

Choose a seller with a high reputation

Unquestionably, most individuals find it challenging to get the best place to buy run escape gold safely. One way you can use to avoid getting banned or conned while purchasing the OSRS gold is by choosing the right seller. A good reputation is one of the indicators of such sellers. Consequently, with such a seller, you are guaranteed to trade safely and enjoy your game.

Don’t give your OSRS to anyone

Many individuals get scammed because of giving the OSRS to their friends. After you buy OSRS gold safely, you must keep them for yourself and continue enjoying the game. When other players ask you about the purchased RuneScape gold, it is advisable you ignore them or walk away. Such action will help you protect your gold in question.

Keep your personal information and account private

Account and information are crucial and should be kept private. For instance, individuals have lost bulk OSRS gold because of sharing the data in question. Once you share these details, you give access to other individuals to access into your account, hence can easily access to your gold. Therefore, it is essential to keep such details private to avoid being scammed.

Always remember to turn off your public and private chats

OSRS gold

As a way of keeping your account safe, you need to shut both your public and private chats once you buy OS Runescape gold. You should always remember to turn off your conversations after finishing the trade for at least 30 minutes. Besides, you immediately leave the trade place once the bought gold is delivered. Consequently, your OSRS gold will be adequately secure with such practices.

Check the seller’s ratings feedback

Finally, you should not approach just anyone or company that sell OSRS gold. Instead, you are supposed to conduct a research first to find a genuine seller. One way you can determine an honest seller is by checking the rating feedback. In that section, you will be able to check how many people have successfully transacted with the seller in question, and what their experience was.

In conclusion

Arguably, many individuals buy OSRS gold in the current world. However, most of them have lost their money as a result of being scammed as trade. Consequently, it is a painful experience to lose your cash through such means. Therefore, it is essential to consider measures such as checking the seller’s rating, turning off your chats, protecting your account’s information and choosing a seller with a high reputation, to keep your OSRS gold safe.


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