Purchasing your own inflatable bouncers will instantly make all your children parties a hit and will help your kids gain a lot of friends. However, one major concern about getting one is storage – do you have the space to keep it? And if you do, do you know what kind of responsibilities comes with storing your own inflatable bouncer? If you have no clue, don’t worry! Here are some tips that can help you store your inflatable bouncers in a compact and proper way.

Place it in a bag

Of course, you also have the option to store the inflatable bouncer in a bag that is thick and durable. The bag should be sealed properly so that the inflatable is protected from bugs, dirt, and dust. Also, the bag will be useful when you need to transfer it from one place to another. It helps to choose a bag that is large enough to store the bouncer and blower together. A dark-colored bag also helps become a layer of protection against the sun’s UV rays.

How to fold your inflatable bouncer

The first thing you should do is to make sure that all the air is out. When you deflate it properly, you will be able to fold the inflatable bouncer tightly and keep it in a compact state when you get it in the bag. If your inflatable bouncer has some netting, make sure you tuck it in so you can form a rectangle.

Protect from the elements

When storing, remember that the Kuoye Inflatable bouncers and the blower it comes with should be protected from the elements. Store it in a place where it is far from water and heat. Ideally, you can store it in your basement, shed, or garage. You should never store your bouncers outside because if it gets wet from rain, snow, dew, and other elements, this could lead to the growth of mold. This would mean you have to clean and sanitize everything the next time you use it. Critters could also take shelter in it if you store it outside, which can ruin the material.


Think about where you would set up your inflatable bouncer. Is it small enough to be used indoors? Or is it big and the yard is the only option? You should store your inflatable bouncer in a way that it is near the setup venue. For instance, if it is an outdoor inflatable bouncer for the yard, it can be stored in the shed or garage. If it is a small inflatable bouncer that your kids use indoors, then you can simply store it in a closet or in the basement.

Carry, not drag

When moving your inflatable bouncers, make sure that you carry it instead of dragging it around. Dragging the inflatable bouncer will cause rips and holes that may prevent you from using it again. If the whole thing is too heavy and no one is around to help you carry it, place it atop a tarp and pull it by the tarp.

Remember, when you know how to store your inflatable bouncers properly, you will be able to preserve its quality. This means you can enjoy your inflatable bouncers for many more years to come.


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